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Some fetures of Flooring Services

Do you want to give a new look to your walls with Tiles or want to dazzle your flooring with Italian marble or maybe your old kitchen platform has turned boring and you don’t enjoy cooking anymore. Well now that you have visited us you need not worry because with the help of our Civil Works services you could change all that and much more, so what are the things our civil contractors could do for you:

  • Making your floors shine again by fixing of Italian marbles.
  • Make your kitchen platform more interesting by installing a new kitchen platform.
  • Fixing of new tiles in your Bathroom or kitchen
  • Running low on budget and don’t want to install new marble or granite, we still can make your home shine by polishing the old marble and granite.

Under Civil work we take care of everything from Marble fixing,tiling,Making of new Kitchen Platform,Batroom Renovation ,Breaking and making of any new walls etc.

We provide the following types of flooring options for the customers:

• Laminated flooring.
• Hardwood Flooring.
• Concrete Flooring.
• Vitrified Tiles Flooring.
• Ceramic Tiles Flooring.
• Marble flooring.
• Vinyl Sheet Flooring.

There are many choices available for Kitchen Platform like Marble, Granite, Laminate etc. Most importantly we give our suggestions for the type based on the customer budget.

There are 3 main types of tile finish
Glossy-very easy to clean and has highest design variety and most commonly used tiles today
Satin –Very few design choices also not easy to clean.
Matte-these tiles are non slippery and rough and comes mostly in plain colours.

  • Indian
    1. Kajaria
    2. AGL
    3. Nitco
    4. Somany
    5. Sympolo
  • European
    1. RAK (Dubai)
    2. Grafitti
    3. Gayafores
    4. La Ventana

The cost of fixing marbles is around 110-130 INR per sq.ft while cost of fixing tiles is around 50-70INR per sq.ft, both the cost include (Cement, sand and labour) the cost of the marbles and tiles purchased will be extra as per actual invoices.

The average cost of making a new kitchen platform can range from anything in between 1100-1400 INR,these are only labour charges and the materials purchased will be charged as per actual invoice.


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