The ceiling was the last area to be considered while renovating our homes but today false Ceiling has transformed the ceiling from being a boring part of home interiors to an exciting design element.

So should you get False ceiling done? Read Below to find out more-

1. Fire protection

One can install fireproof Gypsum products and systems, which provide excellent fire protection solutions ranging from 1/2 hour to 4 hours taking care in case of fire.

2. Thermal insulation

If you are living on the top floor of a building or have an Independent house then the terrace above the ceiling is exposed to direct sunlight and it can get very hot during summers but with application of false ceilings it creates a gap between the terrace and the ceiling and helps in keeping the room much cooler.

3. Sound insulation

Conventional walls (e.g. wooden, brick, block or concrete) offer poor sound insulation in comparison to lightweight construction forms like Gypsum board. By installing a false ceiling with rockwool, you can block all the outside noise and make your room much cozier.

4. Light and Sturdy

Gypsum Boards are lighter 8 to 10 times lighter than masonry systems

5. Aesthetically more Appealing

Gypsum board ceilings or false ceilings are aesthetically more appealing, they offer flexibility in creating and dividing spaces and also allow to experiment with shapes and sizes.

6. Saves Electricity

One of the important benefits which is not well known is good optimization of the use of Air Conditioning. False ceiling reduces space in ceiling and it helps in increasing Air Conditioning performance. Let’s say your office is 10 x 10 sq. feet big room, if your false ceiling is 1 ft below actual ceiling, it will cut down (10 x 10 x 1) cubic space. That’s definitely saves your energy bill. Second benefit is that it provides insulation layer. If your home roof is exposed to direct sunlight or indirect heat. False ceiling will put in one separation layer to keep heat away to some extent. Keeps your room cooler again saving on energy cost at the same time giving an aesthetic look and feel

7. Fixing of lights inside ceiling

Having a false ceiling can completely transform the look of your ceiling by allowing you to install led lights inside the ceiling. Led Lights for reading, mood or diffused lighting for parties or a relaxed atmosphere.Other big advantage is instead of putting 1 or more Tube Lights inside your room, you get to use high quality LED lights. LED lights consume less energy and most of them work well for years and years.

8. Faster construction

Five to eight times faster Gypsum boards are easy to install and require very less labour.In brick construction the wall also needs to be broken and redone again if there is some wire or other installation so that takes additional time.

9. Available in Many Materials and Colors

False ceilings are available in wood, plastic, fiber, and other materials.

10. Revolutionary look

Gypsum ceiling has revolutionized the look of contemporary interiors. Earlier, decorated ceilings were only part of palaces and forts of the royals. The common man never considered the ceiling to be a design element; till the advent of Gypsum ceiling. GypsumBoard has transformed the ceiling from a mundane part of interiors to an exciting design element.

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