• Wall/Ceiling painting
    • Texture painting
    • Clear Lamination
    • Colour Lamination
    • Imported polishing and staining.

There are a lot of questions that arises while planning a home painting viz., which is a good brand
in paints? Who is a good applicator? Who will ascertain quality at site? What if I get my house in
mess after painting? And so on…. So what do you do? Sometimes you call a local painter and just
can’t relate with him or his erratic working style Or you try some big names and your budget goes
up like crazy.
Understanding all these problems you face and in order to bridge the gap with effective solutions
we proudly introduce HouzzUp Home painting services in Mumbai – An easier, better and faster
alternative for painting jobs where we provide you with expert advice and options keeping your
budget and timeline in mind so that the entire painting job is delivered in the smoothest possible
manner where you don’t have to worry.
Along with the satisfied Home Painting Services in Mumbai, we also provide False ceiling design
services in Mumbai that our customers love. With designer false ceiling, we add elegance to your
home as ceilings are one of the most important elements of an interior space. False Ceilings offer a
maximum unobstructed view of your working spaces and plays a vital role in the acoustics of your
home or an office space.

Types Of Painting Services

Wall/Ceiling Paint


Texture Painting


Lamination/ Wood Finish


Home Painting Ideas

Why Houzzup

Houzzup brings you home painting service that makes your painting job easier, better and faster then anyone else .


Painting Process

Local Contractor

Houzzup Advantage




Uses newspaper High quality covering material
Asks for cloth/ bedsheets Covers inch by inch
Covers partially Non paintable accessories at site is masked
Grinding Very little on patches and cracks End to end grinding to get good surface that can enhance the life of paint
Primer Low quality primer, malpractice in dilution, sometimes skipped 2 coats of primer depending on quotation finalised
Putty Low quality putty, inconsistency in application 2 coats of putty as per quotation with consistent finish and quality
Paint 2 coats but dilution can be a concern 2 or 3 coats as per requirement of surface with proper dilution
Cleaning Partial or skips Ready to use house without a blot
Dilution Ratio Varies from contractor to contractor, huge area of malpractice Standard dilution assurance

Frequently Asked Questions