Installation of False ceiling is a dusty project and sometime can take lot of time and skills to complete. That is the reason all Houzzup customers are provided with a proper estimate which may be 10% +- depending on the work so that a customer’s budget doesn’t shoot up and also knowing how to budget your Gypsum Ceiling project will help you keep your costs under control. We help customers make smart decisions on what materials to buy and timelines to be followed.


The cost of Gypsum board depends on the size and thickness of the board selected, We have tied up with various Dealers of false ceiling materials in and around Mumbai which helps us in providing the best possible prices to the customers .The price also depends on the level of quality,You can expect to find contractors in the range of 100-115 Rs per Sq.ft with us for Gypsum ceiling works. When making the overall budget it is important to note what materials you will require to buy and from where you will get it. We provide each and every customer with a Material Consumption card where all the materials required and used on site is every, in this way there is fairness and transparency maintained with regards to material consumption.

The following are some of the materials your contractor may ask to get in before starting the False Ceiling work.

  • Support screws
  • Gypsum Board.
  • Fiber tape.
  • Gypsum or POP Plaster
  • Ladder
  • Framing section or Aluminum Patti.

Hiring the right contractor for the job

Hiring the right contractor is the most crucial decision one requires to take inorder to get top quality work done on time. When you finalize a contractor look at his work history, their photo portfolio and client testimonials. Speak with his old clients if you can to know more about the work quality. An experienced contractor will know the amount and quality of materials to complete the job in a timely manner and will be very helpful in setting a correct budget as per your needs. If at any point you notice that the budget is going over your limit or not going as you had imagined you can always contact Houzzup to set things right.

Following a strict Timeline.

We provide every customer with Site Schedule card where the site progress is recorded so that each moment the customer knows that the site is on schedule always and there are no delays. We work together with contractors to give our customers a definite timeline. Our customer service associates visit the client sites every 2-3 days to keep everything working smoothly. Gypsum ceiling work can be completed quickly 2 workmen can complete a 100 sq.ft space in a single day, including cleanup.

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