“One size fits all”. Isn’t it so simple if this saying holds true for everything? Though this is very old and valid statement but unfortunately cannot stand true for painting your house. There are different areas in the house that needs different type of paint to withstand the wear and tear over time. Type of paints also depends on quality expected, functional property required, budget and surface. We normally use Asian paints although we can use other paints if you like.

For e.g.

Emulsions are good to provide sober and sophisticated look and hence are preferred for areas like Hall, Bedrooms, Highlight areas, however they fail in areas like kitchen and bathroom where steam and hard stains seems inevitable. To take care of this problem Enamel paints are designed so that they can compete with such harsh environment and provide longevity and durability, within enamels, there are choice of paints with varying sheen level & functional benefits.

For wood surfaces, you have a choice of ‘transparent’ finish and ‘opaque finish’. The former is recommended, if you are keen on retaining the natural look of wood.

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