• Wall/Ceiling painting
  • Texture painting
  • Clear Lamination
  • Colour Lamination
  • Imported polishing and staining.

There are a lot of questions that arise while planning a home painting viz., which is a good brand in paints? Who is a good applicator? Who will ascertain quality at site? What if I get my house in mess after painting? And so on….So what do you do?

Sometimes you call a local painter and just can’t relate with him or his erratic working style or you try some big names and your budget goes up like crazy

Understanding all these problems you face and in order to bridge the gap with effective solutions we proudly introduce Houzzup Home painting services – An easier, better and faster alternative for painting jobs where we provide you with expert advice and options keeping your budget and timeline in mind so that the entire painting job is delivered in the smoothest possible manner where you don’t have to worry.





Painting Process

Local Contractor

Houzzup Advantage




Uses newspaperHigh quality covering material
Asks for cloth/ bedsheetsCovers inch by inch
Covers partiallyNon paintable accessories at site is masked
GrindingVery little on patches and cracksEnd to end grinding to get good surface that can enhance the life of paint
PrimerLow quality primer, malpractice in dilution, sometimes skipped2 coats of primer depending on quotation finalised
PuttyLow quality putty, inconsistency in application2 coats of putty as per quotation with consistent finish and quality
Paint2 coats but dilution can be a concern2 or 3 coats as per requirement of surface with proper dilution
CleaningPartial or skipsReady to use house without a blot
Dilution RatioVaries from contractor to contractor, huge area of malpracticeStandard dilution assurance


Putty is used to smoothen the surface prior to the start of the painting process, it is used to remove any minor undulations on walls and to fill minor cracks and holes/Dents.

A primer is a product that is used as a pre coating to paint, it improves the durability of the paint, improves its adhesion and also provides additional protection to the material being painted.

There are wall surfaces where primer can be skipped but it is always advisable to use a primer because primer creates a surface to which paints can better adhere to, also it is less expensive and easy to apply so it also saves you time and money.

These are the times when a primer should always be applied.

  • Fresh painting of a wall or ceiling.
  • When you change the old wall colour from lighter shade to a darker one or vice-versa
  • When applying glossy finish paints.
  • When painting wooden surfaces.
  • When painting walls that have been repaired.

The following are the paint finishes available:
· Matte finish
· Semi Gloss/Satin
· High Gloss/Silky

The difference between matte and glossy finish is in visual appearance with respect to its gloss or the shine level. Matte finish is opaque and does not reflect light at all whereas glossy paints are shiny and reflect most light. Matte finish painting is not washable or stain resistant, so only way to get rid of scribbles or stains is to paint over them whereas surface painted with glossy paints can be washed and scrubbed to get rid of stains and scribbles. Matte paint is least expensive of all emulsions and is the most economical solution for houses on rent whereas gloss paints are expensive but they are the most preferred because of the attractive finish they give.

It is advisable to use high gloss or semi gloss enamel paint for kitchen due to their durability and ease of cleaning.

On wooden and metallic surfaces mainly Enamel paints are used they are oil based paints and have high gloss. You can also opt for wood finish products in case you want quality and durability.

For hard wood/ veneers – Clear finishes is advised

For MDF/ Particle board/ Plywood – Opaque wood finish or enamels are advised

A painting activity requires clear and accurate planning from both the contractor as well as the home owner. Also the planning for the painting activity should start well in advance keeping in mind important events like exams of our children, wedding in the family, rains etc.If you have a wedding in your house it is always advisable to get your home painted keeping a buffer of atleast 3-4 days before the wedding function starts similar precaution should be taken in case of painting before festivals like Diwali, Christmas etc.  Also it is advisable to get your home painted before monsoon starts or after it ends and even if you start during the monsoon you should try to get it painted during a relatively dry week. These are precautionary measures, however any season is good for painting

The time required to get your home painted depends on the area of your home, number of painters and type of paint used. Normally 2 painters can paint a 2 BHK of approximately 700-800 sq.ft in 5-7 days, (empty flat) for customers who have an urgent requirement and don’t have sufficient days to get their homes painted, we help the contractors deploy additional labour so that it gets completed faster.

There are various categories in Interior painting and keeping the dynamics of Indian population in mind the range varies from economical to flagship products. Also different surface demands different properties for which the paints are categorized on usage of that area. For e.g. Enamels are specially designed for areas where the usage is rough like staircase area, kitchen, bathrooms etc. and on the other hand emulsions are designed keeping in mind the décor part for e.g., Hall and highlight area.

“One size fits all”. Isn’t it so simple if this saying holds true for everything? Though this is very old and valid statement but unfortunately cannot stand true for painting your house. There are different areas in the house that needs different type of paint to withstand the wear and tear over time. Type of paints also depends on quality expected, functional property required, budget and surface. We normally use Asian paints although we can use other paints if you like.

For e.g.

Emulsions are good to provide sober and sophisticated look and hence are preferred for areas like Hall, Bedrooms, Highlight areas, however they fail in areas like kitchen and bathroom where steam and hard stains seems inevitable. To take care of this problem Enamel paints are designed so that they can compete with such harsh environment and provide longevity and durability, within enamels, there are choice of paints with varying sheen level & functional benefits.

For wood surfaces, you have a choice of ‘transparent’ finish and ‘opaque finish’. The former is recommended, if you are keen on retaining the natural look of wood.