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Some fetures of False Ceiling

The ceiling was the last area to be considered while renovating our homes but today false Ceiling has transformed the ceiling from being a boring part of home interiors to an exciting design element.

Now like with every service you will be confused as to where you can find great ceiling designs or get reliable contractors to do the work. That is the reason we exist Houzzup is a reputed and trusted contractor for POP and Gypsum False ceiling in Mumbai. With our false ceiling services you don’t have to worry about your home ceilings being dull or boring. We provide customers with a wide range of false ceiling designs, which can be implemented easily. We make sure that the best quality Gypsum brands such as Gyproc, IndiaGypsum and Armstrong are used to execute your work.

We help you get Amazing False Ceilings so that everyone who enters into your house will walk with their heads up. We know you are you bored of old fashioned plaster of Paris and want it replaced with the more durable gypsum board false ceiling.

  • Smoothening of broken Walls such like grooves made for electrical works, making of skirting around tiles.
  • Filling of cracks in walls.
  • Installation of False Ceiling using Gypsum Boards.
  • Installation of various types of ceilings such as Grid False ceiling, Modular ceiling, suspended ceiling, pop ceiling.
  • Making of cutout and holes in ceiling for lights and other output.
  • Covering of newly laid marble and tiles with P.O.P sheet in order to prevent damage to them.

A gypsum board is a lightweight high performance interior ceiling system which can also be used to make wall partitions and are the preferred choice of construction for residential and commercial spaces. They are very strong and can last really long unless they are subject to abuse and alteration.

Gypsum boards are made with a special type of paper so all kind of decorative materials like Paint, Wallpapers, Veneers and Laminates can be done on a Gypsum Board to give an attractive finish.

Once installed properly the average life of Gypsum Ceiling is around 15-20 years.

The main benefit of Gypsum False ceiling are as follows :

  • Easy to Install
  • Economical
  • Lightweight
  • Flexible
  • Fire resistant
  • Absorbs sound well.

The average cost of Gypsum False Ceiling is in the Range of 90 to 110 INR per Sq.ft The above rate includes all labor, materials and other tools needed for complete the work.

The Various Gypsum Ceiling brands available in the market today are Gyproc, Kanuf, Armstrong, Boral,Gypsoman etc.

We would suggest installing Gypsum False Ceiling because they are easy to install, lightweight, economical and can have a variety of finishes on them like wallpapers, Wall art, paints which can give them an attractive finish on the other hand POP false ceiling were used mostly before the gypsum boards came into the market also they take longer time to finish and are tedious to install.

All the materials like Gypsum boards, gypsum plaster, taping material etc will be bought in by the contractor in consultation with Houzzup.Once the job work is finalized between the contractor and the customer we personally make sure that the materials is bought on schedule and at the right price, we also have tie ups with gypsum suppliers so that we can push for discounts on behalf of the customer.

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